Bash: low disk space alerts

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This is my solution on how to control disk space usage on a server. The solution is a simple one-line shell script that is executed by cron and sends an e-mail alert each time your disk space gets low.

First of all, let's create a shell file.

vi /home/username/bin/

df -Pl|grep "^/dev"|awk '{sub("%","",$5);if($5 > 95) print $5"%%\t"$6}'|xargs -0 sh -c 'test "$1" && printf "`hostname -f` is running low on disk space:\nUse%%\tMounted on\n$1"' $0

As you can see it's simple enough. You can adjust the parameter in percent (in our case it is 95% ) on after overbrim of which you'll get an email alert like:

<hostname> is running low on disk space:
Use%	Mounted on
95%	/

At last, you must set a crontab task:

crontab -e u username
15 */2 * * * /home/username/bin/

This cron task will check disk space every 2 hours.

Hope this helps you :)

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